our Services Include:

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Strategic Planning and Management

Do you have a great vision but still feel a little lost on how to create change? We'll help turn your passion into action by facilitating the development of a plan that guides the growth of your non-profit and helping put your your plan into action through strategic management and capacity building.

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Survey Design and Research

Do you need help collecting accurate programmatic data? We can help design the tools that will enable you to tell new stories about your organization's work.

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Database Administration and Technology Assessment

Are you ready to upgrade or purchase your first database? We're certified to setup and administer multiple non-profit databases, so whether you're trying to track the progress of clients or communicate with individual donors, we can find the software that's right for your organization.

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Data Analysis and Evaluation

Do you have data from surveys and field reports? Let us show you the real difference you're making. We can help you sort through the numbers and static to extract the true impact you're having. 

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Data Reporting and Visualization 

If you already know that you do great work, we'll help you share your story. From quarterly updates to comprehensive annual reports, 
we can translate your data into beautiful stories for your board, funders, and clients. 

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Grant Writing

Turn your story into investments in your future. We know it can be hard to find time to go through an entire grant process. Our experienced grant writers will work with your organization step-by-step to submit grant proposals. We will identify the most appropriate grants for your organization and help you apply as soon as new opportunities become available.

Who can we work with?

We can work with any organization within the United States! Unfortunately, we do not yet work with clients outside of the U.S. As we continue to grow, we hope to extend our services to all non-profits seeking to grow and use their data effectively.

So how much will it cost?

We work with each individual organization to find services and prices that work for them. Contact us today for more details or a quote!