Strategic Planning Toolkit

Strategic Planning Toolkit


This toolkit is designed to guide nonprofits and social good organizations through the strategic planning process.

We provide a detailed, yet easy-to-follow, framework and tactical tools to help with planning.


Our experience working with nonprofits has shown us that organizations are better equipped to serve their communities when they have strong infrastructure in place.

Defining your organization’s goals is the best way to start to build on the early success of your organization and drive fundraising.

Our Toolkit is designed with two purposes in mind:

  • To help you articulate the goals and vision key to growing your organization and

  • To doubly serve as a way to collect and update boilerplate language for grant writing purposes.  Check out our resources page to download our Pre-Grant Checklist.

The Strategic Planning Toolkit Includes:

  • A thorough instructional guide highlighting the important topics all plans should cover and will ensure that your organization creates goals that will be thoughtful and attainable.

  • A blank template to fill out,

  • 2 sample plans,

  • Several articles for suggested reading,

  • A capacity building worksheet,

  • Board member profile worksheet,

  • Month-to-month timeline worksheet, and

  • An organizational history worksheet.

Our Strategic Planning Toolkit is designed for any organization or nonprofit leader looking for a flexible process to conduct strategic planning for the first time or to update an existing plan.

The toolkit includes a comprehensive guide that will support startups as well as seasoned planners. If you’re looking for a hands on facilitation of the strategic planning process visit our services page for more information on professional facilitation with your board and stakeholders.

After working with our toolkit we can always help to complete and review  your Strategic Plan. We’ll provide clear feedback and next steps to help you create effective goals and customized plans for your nonprofit.  Contact us to schedule an appointment.