Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior: How to ask the Right Questions

Surveys are crucial to collect data and understand the people you are working with. Writing and asking the right type of question is vital to gather the best results. Phrasing is so important when it comes to data collection. There are three main types of questions and each are useful and necessary to create the most robust survey possible. By breaking down each category, you will learn how to write the best questionnaire. So, let’s get started.

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Claire SearsComment
The Database Is Done, Now What?

After months of research, planning, and prep work, your organization’s shiny new database is up and running. Users are learning the ropes and beginning to plug data in. Your organization will develop its own rhythm of data entry and export, which will meet ongoing internal and external reporting needs. And eventually, there will be enough information available to tell the stories about your clients, services, and outcomes that you’ve been dreaming of since this whole process began.

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WWPD: Erick Uribe

Erick is the Business Development Manager at Mockingbird! He has worked in various non-profit and governmental roles since graduating from UC Berkeley in 2011. These positions have informed his understanding of domestic and international development processes, and continually inspire him to explore innovative solutions to society’s most pressing issues. Most recently, he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in rural Colombia, where he led projects to stimulate environmental stewardship and local economic development. Erick plans to pursue a Master of Business Administration from the Marshall School of Business upon matriculating in August 2017. 

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