WWPD: Britt Card, MPP

At the end of the 19th century, a young French writer named Marcel Proust answered a series of questions from a confession book, similar to what we’d call an autograph book. The responses to these inquiries were thought to unlock the true character of a person – it was a popular parlor game at the time. Proust’s eloquent, extraordinary answers became quite famous, and although he didn’t author the questions himself, the collective queries are now known as a Proust Questionnaire.


  1. What is your idea of perfect happiness at work?

    I love being a public employee. I am motivated to try my best to provide the best service I can to the people who need it. I like variety and problem solving, but mostly I am motivated by public service.

  2. What is your greatest professional fear?

    That I could be doing more or thinking differently.

  3. What trait do you have to work on the most?

    Speaking up and trusting my instincts.

  4. What trait do you look for in colleagues?

    True collaborators, people who listen and who are willing to work together despite disagreements or different perceptions.

  5. What trait do you want to create in organizations with which you work?

    I want to encourage and support thinking differently and strategically to use our resources and tools better.

  6. What is the most important investment a business or non-profit could make?

    Your staff and employees.

  7. What is your current state of mind?

          Relaxed, I'm flying home from a two week vacation full of swimming and sun.


  1. What do you consider the most overused buzzword in your field?

    Not exactly a buzzword, but the conversation about how government should operate more like private business

  2. Under what circumstances do you need to adapt?

    When I get overwhelmed.

  3. What perception of your field do you most want to change?

    That public transportation, especially buses, aren't convenient or useful especially in LA.

  4. Which person in your field do you most admire?

    I'm constantly impressed and amazed by all the people I work with who dedicate their days to making things a little better for our community.

  5. What is the quality you like the most in a boss?

    I like a boss that empowers me to do what I do best, and helps me develop the areas that need improvement.

  6. What is the quality you like most in a client?

    Bosses are kind of like clients, they should let you do what you do best but provide good overall direction for what they expect.

  7. What is your elevator pitch for your job?

    I work in public transportation, doing anything and everything to keep our system running.

  8. What is your professional motto/mantra?

    Sure. I don't like to say no or that can't be done.

  9. What is your professional passion?

    Service. I love all the things I do on a daily basis in terms of tasks and assignments but at the end of the day it all comes down to who I'm working for.

  10. How did you fall in love your field/job/career?

    I always wanted to be a public employee and I blame my Grandma who instilled civic engagement and service in my core before I was even born. She was the first woman mayor in Downey, and I love that about her.