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Getting the Gang Together

We've been having lots of conversations recently with organizations who are being held back by not getting the most out of their board of directors. Since boards can be a huge asset when it comes to executing a strategic and effective evaluation plan we thought it would helpful to put together a couple of blogs on how to get the most out of your board from recruitment through meetings and beyond. 

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Logic Models vs. Theory of Change AKA: how to get to a puppy filled meadow

You’re standing at the foot of a massive journey through the woods along an unsteady path, faced with every obstacle imaginable: brambles, clouds of stinging insects, savage beasts, plain old exhaustion. Reaching the end of this odyssey seems nearly impossible; there’s simply too much standing in your way. Though you know the trail ends in the most beautiful, serene meadow, filled with puppies and pots of gold, the obstacles seem insurmountable. How will you ever make it?

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