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What Would Proust Do? WWPD

At the end of the 19th century, a young French writer named Marcel Proust answered a series of questions from a confession book, similar to what we’d call an autograph book. The responses to these inquiries were thought to unlock the true character of a person – it was a popular parlor game at the time. Proust’s eloquent, extraordinary answers became quite famous, and although he didn’t author the questions himself, the collective queries are now known as a Proust Questionnaire.

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Logic Models vs. Theory of Change AKA: how to get to a puppy filled meadow

You’re standing at the foot of a massive journey through the woods along an unsteady path, faced with every obstacle imaginable: brambles, clouds of stinging insects, savage beasts, plain old exhaustion. Reaching the end of this odyssey seems nearly impossible; there’s simply too much standing in your way. Though you know the trail ends in the most beautiful, serene meadow, filled with puppies and pots of gold, the obstacles seem insurmountable. How will you ever make it?

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