WWPD: Randal Henry @ Community Intelligence

By Randal Henry and Jessica Payne

This month’s Proust Questionnaire was filled out by Randal Henry of Community Intelligence (CI).  Community Intelligence is dedicated to delivering consultant services that help organizations achieve their strategic, policy and programmatic goals. CI is a member of the Violence Prevention Coalition, facilitating the Making Connections work group as part of a larger project to develop strategies for addressing gang violence on South Los Angeles. Mockingbird Analytics and Community Intelligence are currently partnering on the writing of a series of white papers and original research on measuring the community-based impacts of gang-related homicides.


Mockingbird Analytics



1. What is your idea of perfect happiness at work?

Working with family, friends and colleagues on a meaningful project.

2. What is your greatest professional fear?

Not being able to find meaningful work.

3. What trait do you have to work on the most?

Perfectionism.  I have to work on not letting perfect be the enemy of good.  Also, avoiding negative thinking.

4. What trait do you look for in colleagues?

Smarts. Enthusiasm.  Cultural competence.  Honesty, integrity, fairness – people who understand adversity and hardship.

5. What trait do you want to create in organizations with which you work?

A sense that most communities are very intelligent about the issues that they face and that often the power and resources to address those very conditions that negatively impact said communities often lay within those very same communities.

6. What organization’s mission do you most admire?

Hard to narrow down to one.  I love my cultural center’s (i.e. Brasil Brasil Cultural Center) mission. How about Churches, Salvation Army, UNIA, US Government to name a few.  For the most part, I love mission driven organizations.

7. What is the most important investment a business or non-profit could make?

Invest in human resources – invest in people power!

8. What is your current state of mind?



1. What do you consider the most overused buzzword in your field?

“Excited” – many people overuse the word - people say they are excited about everything.

2. Under what circumstances do you need to adapt?

I am constantly evolving/adapting – to some degree I kinda adapt to every circumstance as it unfolds.

3. What perception of your field do you most want to change?

That there is no urgency in consulting.

4. Which person in your field do you most admire?

Billie Weiss – one of my best mentors.

5. What is the quality you like the most in a boss?


6. What is the quality you like the most in a client?

Clarity of goals and objectives

7. What is your elevator pitch for your job?

Community Intelligence is working to enhance community health and well-being by serving as a consultant and strategic though partner to government agencies, foundations and non-profit organizations.

8. What is your professional motto/mantra?

Our motto is “Doing as much as we can, in the way that we can, to leave the community more healthy, more beautiful and more beneficial than we found it.”

9. What is your professional passion?

To increase Community Intelligence – the capacity of the community to creatively address issues impacting public health, mental health and well-being.

10. How did you fall in love with your field/job/career?

I had a great mentor who showed me the possibilities in this field.