How To Tell Your Authentic Story Through Video - Part 1

Kerri Feazell, is back in our blog! Kerri is the founder of Concurrent Productions, a production company offering high-quality, emotionally authentic brand story videos to businesses in Southern California and beyond.

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This is part of a series of blogs on how to tell the history of your organization through video. Next month, Kerri will go through examples of her own what, how, why, and who to illustrate how to create a compelling, emotional brand story in video.

Advice for every situation:

STEP 1: Show Up

STEP 2: Be Yourself

Simple, right?

Of course! And yet we know that the simplest things can often be the most difficult to achieve.

Anyone telling you to “be natural” is absolutely irritating because we probably think that we *are* being natural when someone says that. If I’m interviewing you to create your authentic brand story video, I will never tell you to be natural.  I will help guide you to be natural, naturally.

The secret is, to get out of your head when you’re on camera by getting into your head now. If you do the thinking (conceptualizing) now, you can trust yourself that you did the hard work already and free yourself to be intuitive (natural) later. If it feels like you’re getting caught up in the moment and don’t really know what you’re saying while the cameras are on, it’s going well.

I can speak with authority about this point because I have a lot of experience being in my head when I should be in the moment. In the past, I have been an anxious person who struggles with confidence and I have learned—in part, through facing my fears on stage—that I can train myself to be a different way. I was motivated to do this because I have a passion for something. And it took a while to discover that passion, which is my “why.” (I’ll get into that in part 2.)

From that passion, I built a story of what’s important to me. (I want to point out that this paragraph is an example of leading with vulnerability. Notice your engagement level when I reveal something personal. You pay more attention, right?)

It all starts with trust. Trusting yourself.

This is how you build a brand, by leading with why and who. Building on Simon Sinek’s work (1), our process gets to the “who” inside the why. Our goal for everyone who works with us at Concurrent Productions is to guide you through your “why” (passion and motivation) and your “who” (values and beliefs). - Kerri

(1) Start with why - How great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek


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