How Tell Your Authentic Story Through Video - Part 2

Kerri Feazell, from Concurrent Productions, is back in our blog with part 2 of “How to tell you authentic story through video.” If you missed it, here you can find part 1.

Concurrent Productions just launched a video e-course “How to Make a Brand Video That Isn’t Boring” to teach how to use video to tell your story. Mockingbird Analytics has a promo code for you that will give you 10% off.

Last month, we introduced our intuitive process to guide you through your “why” and your “who” with the goal of getting to the core of trusting yourself. In part 2, I’ll walk you through an example – my own –which is scary because it’s vulnerable but if I wasn’t doing that, I would be a hypocrite. Why?

Your brand emerges directly from who you are and why you are motivated to do your work. If you don’t start from there to build your brand, you’re building a table with two legs and your table will fall.Come have a cup of tea at my hopefully-not-wobbly table.

My what:

I make films; specifically, brand story films. They are videos that you can put on your website that will give you a platform to share things about yourself that you wouldn’t normally share in your current marketing materials. - This is from my left brain.

My how:

I have a process to work with people that sets me apart. We go through some intuitive right brain work that gets you thinking about yourself and your business in a new way, then I bring in a camera crew, interview you and your staff, etc. etc. etc. (a lot of information we can go over later when it’s relevant). - This is from my left brain.

My why:

I am passionate about telling stories because I want people to understand each other and be connected. I believe every single person has a passion for something – something that just comes easily and naturally to them and I love it when I can talk to people who are doing things they love to do. I learn so much from other business owners and love interviewing them about their passions, no matter what it is. The feeling I get when I walk into an office park and learn about a CPA who cares about cultivating a community in his staff – this electrifies me and makes me feel part of my community in a new way. When I talk to someone who surprises me by sharing why they love their work, I feel like I’ve uncovered buried treasure. - This is from my right brain.

My who: 

I am an empathetic person. In its most positive form, this quality expresses itself through diplomacy. I’m always trying to figure out why people do something and I get excited to understand how I can learn from that. I want the world to make sense; that’s an important value to me. Learning about other people’s perspectives and realities helps me make sense of the world and I weave these perspectives into a story. I want meaning in everything. I want to see the connections and ultimately – I want to be connected.  What I value most is: freedom, creativity, and connection. - This is from my right brain.


So, who are you?

Give this a try! First, close your eyes and take a deep breath. This is an intuitive exercise so just write whatever comes to mind without judgement (right brain). The timer is important because it gets your left-brain “editor” out of the way. We want that. We can trust ourselves to edit later—and we will—so we can flow more freely now.

  • Set a timer for 2 minutes and write down a list of what you do

  • Set a timer for 2 minutes and write down a list of how you do it

  • Set a timer for 2 minutes and write down reasons why you do it

  • Set a timer for 2 minutes and write down a few beliefs you have about yourself. Then, what do you value most in life?

Welcome back your left brain and take another few minutes and analyze your list. Cross out anything that doesn’t seem right to you. Think about why it doesn’t seem right. Is it because you’re afraid to reveal something personal about yourself? I can relate!

It’s a bit scary. You’ll be different, stand out, be remembered and known. Exactly what you wanted. It can be uncomfortable to get what you want.

At Mockingbird Analytics we believe in the power of data to tell your organization story. Contact us to help you build the infrastructure needed to be able to tell your story to the world.

If you are ready, visit Concurrent Productions and their e-course “How to Make a Brand Video That Isn’t Boring” to help you establish the voice of your brand and teaching how to use video to tell your story. Mockingbird Analytics has a promo code for you that will give you 10% off.




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