2018, Year In Review!

Happy New Year! Now that grandma’s Christmas fudge has been devoured and the confetti’s been swept away, it’s time to dive into 2019. Before we get down to business, we’d like to take a misty, nostalgia-laden look back at what we achieved last year.

Ah, 2018. It feels just like yesterday! Or maybe last month. 2018 was a huge year for Mockingbird Analytics, and we built up our team considerably. In May, we brought on Pamela Gutierrez, first as an intern, then as a business strategist. In the fall, we added Linda Machida as a Grant Consultant and Kyle Battle as a Database and Technology Consultant, rounding out our tight-knit group. 

This past summer, we expanded our services to include development planning and assistance in 501c3 paperwork filing. We’re always looking for new, valuable ways we can help nonprofits succeed, so keep an eye out for more fresh features in the future.


In October, we made a big leap by founding Mockingbird Incubator, a sister organization to Mockingbird Analytics. Mockingbird Incubator aims to support and train nascent nonprofits to increase the impact of their work. We now offer boot camps and incubator programs designed to get fledgling nonprofits off the ground. If you’re interested in diving into the world of nonprofit organizations, we’ll help you get your feet wet. Already have a small nonprofit? We’re here to scale your work and keep you connected and on track.

In December, we launched our first toolkits on our website. Need a concise and affordable way to jumpstart your nonprofit? Never fear, our toolkits are here, and they’re tailored to your business’s needs. Plus, you can use them anywhere in the world - and at your own pace.

Whew! We’re exhausted just talking about all that, but we’re also ready to take on 2019 with new clients, initiatives, and goals. Reach out if we can help you make your nonprofit’s dreams a reality. In the meantime, we’ll be working hard – and digging into grandma’s Valentine’s Day fudge, which is essentially just the Christmas fudge with pink sprinkles. 

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