Mockingbird Analytics was launched in 2015 by Jessica Payne after a decade of experience with educational research, nonprofit evaluation, government social programs. During that time, it became clear that there was a need for smaller nonprofits to successfully measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of their services.

Throughout our time working with nonprofits we’ve added more services to support the infrastructure that organizations need for assessing their impact. Strategic Planning, Development Planning and support, and Database Administration are key services to building the success story of an organization. To help deliver those service we’ve been joined by a robust board and consultant pool of researchers, grantwriters, marketing, and IT professionals. All of our team adds to the collective knowledge covered by Mockingbird Analytics as we work with many different nonprofit causes and social justice work. 

If you’re interested in joining our team send us an email through the Contact Us page introducing yourself and telling us about your nonprofit skill set.


Our Mission

We are on a mission to help small to medium-sized nonprofit organizations tell their story.

Years of experience have showed us that it is often difficult for under-resourced organizations to build their internal infrastructure and translate impact into numbers. These challenges become a barrier to serving more people.

Oftentimes, it is the already well-funded and well-known nonprofits who receive grants because of their ability to bring in administrative and development staff or outsource services. We want to fill that gap and help every nonprofit better plan, evaluate, fundraise and, ultimately, tell the story of their impact.

Vision Statement

Mockingbird Analytics envisions a social good sector where small to medium-sized nonprofits have access to affordable evaluation, development, and planning services.

We see a future where small nonprofits regularly receive acknowledgement for their service to their communities and have easy access to the information they need to help tell the story of their impact.

We look to a future where donors can clearly see positive community change. Most importantly, we are striving for a future where small to medium-sized nonprofits can expand their impact on the communities they serve.


 Mockingbird Analytics is proud to be a Benefits Corporation.  For us as a company this means we strive to:

  • Create transparent practices;

  • Make ethical decisions;

  • Have a workplace that brings out the best in everyone;

  • We are inter sectional feminists;

  • We are pro-worker and believe in fair labor practices;

  • We engage in equal pay for equal work;

  • We believe in animal rights and environmental justice;

  • And that children deserve to be safe and loved at all times.

As a benefits corporation we believe that “social good” means telling stories that will benefit people, and providing reasonable project-based services that allow all non-profits to participate in evidence-based practices. This includes sharing the tools we create and our knowledge-base with as many wonderful, hard-working organizations as we can. We are here to support any