Mission Statement

We are on a mission to help small to medium-sized non-profit organizations with a heart of gold tell their story. Years of experience have showed us that it is often difficult for under-resourced organizations to translate their impact into numbers. This inability to effectively evaluate true impact becomes a barrier to get much needed funds in order to serve more people. Oftentimes, it is the already well funded and well known non-profits who receive these grants because of their ability to outsource research and evaluation services. We want to fill that gap and help every non-profit organizations better plan, evaluate their impact, and tell the story of their work.


Vision Statement

Mockingbird Analytics envisions an environment where small to medium-sized non-profits have access to affordable evaluation, grant management, and strategic planning services. We see a future where small non-profits regularly receive acknowledgement for their service to their communities and have easy access to the information they need to help tell the story of their work. We look to a future where donors to these great organizations clearly see the impact that they have on communities throughout the country. Most importantly, we are striving for a future where small to medium-sized non-profits can expand their impact on the communities they serve.


Our History

Mockingbird Analytics launched in 2015 by Jessica Payne after years of experience with nonprofits and evaluation. It became clear to her that there was a need for smaller non-profits to successfully measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of their services. Jessica brings her decades of research and evaluation experience to connect with nonprofits to help them tell their story of success.  She is joined by a robust board of researchers, teachers, and public servants who add to the collective knowledge of many areas of non-profit and social justice work.